Love Letter From Thief X - Kenshi Inagaki [Review]
~ S P O I L E R S!!!! ~


~ Main Route ~

Honestly, this is probably the BEST route I’ve ever played. 

Main reasons why;

1) The relationship between MC and Kenshi.

 » They start off as really close friends but the thing I liked most is how they were so playful with one another. Kenshi at times kind of ‘friendzoned” MC but it was usually in a teasing way. He would definitely tease her and she (if you chose too) would tease him back a bit. As the story progresses, they finally start to blush more around each other and Kenshi starts to see MC as more of a woman. Basically they’re relationship is SUPER cute and it’s everything I’ve been looking for. Kenshi is lively and outgoing. He loves sports, children and he’s just an awesome guy overall. 

2) MC is a bad ass!

» This should probably be the first reason but meh, too lazy to change it. Okay unlike all the other games, the MC here isn’t a little baby. She doesn’t cry over small things and she even takes it as far as punching a guy in the face and head butting someone. She doesn’t let the girls she works with step all over and even confronts them telling them to knock it off. I honestly wish all the other MC’s in the other games were like this. She’s just EXACTLY what I want an MC to be. Sassy, funny, strong, but still feminine. She makes me love this route like 100 times more.

—x— Those are the top 2 reasons, there’s a couple more but they’re not really big enough for me to write a paragraph about.  Basically this route had me blushing and squealing like a little girl. MC and Kenshi were just SO CUTE together!! I mean the way they teased each other and talked to each other was adorable and how protective Kenshi got over MC later on in the story was just perfect. <3 I think this route was DEFINITELY worth the money! I’m gonna have to say that Kenshi’s route made it to #2 on my favorite routes list. 

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder [review…sorta]

Warning, there may be spoilers(I didn’t reveal anything huge)…

and I use MC and ‘You’ interchangeably, so I hope you don’t get confused >.<’

Ah, so I specifically made this account just to review some games I played or just reblog posts from the Voltage inc tag. I don’t think I’ll be too active anyway as I have a main blog to attend to. …but that’s not why you started to read this post for huh?…Right uhm..

So the new game! I was definitely excited to play it even though the whole “buying a human being” thing kind of threw me off. It was still something I thought was interesting so I decided to buy Eisuke’s route! hmm now I’m just gonna say (cause I noticed there was an argument in the tags) that I was disappointed in the MC, at least a little. I kind of just wanted her to be that stubborn type of character especially because of Eisuke.

See he’s kind of a…hmm…asshole? haha uh, he’s not really considerate exactly. He orders the MC around, and kind of treats her like a pet dog which is a bit irritating to me. I see him as the type of character that think he’s the shit. and he can do whatever he wants!, Ya know,  one that thinks highly of himself and believes that everyone is there just to please him. At least, that was my first impression, which is why I felt like the MC should of have been a little bit like that too. With these more aggressive and dominant characters, I honestly wanted the MC to be a little like them in the sense that she would argue back and kind of just tease them and not give in so easily (ya know, running to him when he’s mad at you instead of him running to you when it’s his fault). Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that this is a game directed towards Japanese buyers which is fine. I can understand that their culture is different from the one here in the U.S. My opinion (and preference), however, is that I just wanted her to be a little more aggressive in her responses which I guess is why I’m very tempted to pick the options that are more stubborn and kind of like “No, I won’t do what you say, Fuck off” hahaha. Regardless, I understand that MC won’t be like this because that’s just not how the women in Japan typically act, and that’s fine because there are some MC’s that are a bit more stubborn or aggressive like in 10 days with a devil and in your arms tonight,etc and obviously if I was extremely put off by the MC’s ways and what she does, I wouldn’t play the games right? (God, how much money have I spent though? xD)

Moving on, I thought the story was really interesting! I think Voltage inc does a pretty good job with coming up with interesting stories. I won’t put any spoilers, but let’s just say it was full of….interesting events.

Now about Eisuke’s character.

He’s a stubborn asshole that you wanna punch in the face. Let’s just be honest here okay? I wanted to punch him in the face and tell him to go fuck himself (of course that wasn’t an option, sadly =|..). He’s the kind of character that will demean the MC, and make her look stupid. He acts like he’s sooooo great when really he’s alright. BUT, he’s amazingly attractive and has a slightly vulnerable and sweet side that makes you wanna hug him and tell him everything’s gonna be alright.( you see this in the sequel). So he’s definitely an interesting character but I gotta say, he doesn’t change.

You won’t get the typical love story ending. He’s not gonna come out and show you a very sweet side (at least in the way you’d expect) and he’s still gonna act like he owns you (“You belong to me”). Even in the epilogue, you can’t really tell that he loves the MC. It’s really difficult to see, and at times you’ll question “Does he love the MC at all?”. Don’t expect him to chase after you if you get mad or upset cause he won’t, more than half the time the MC is going after him. The only time is when you’re in trouble.. that’s when you can really see the side of him that makes you think “wow, okay maybe he actually does care about me”. Ah even then, he has a weird way of showing it. He’s not gonna be all over you like “Did they hurt you!? I’ll kill those bastards, I swear!” You won’t notice unless you really pay attention but he cares about the MC a lot, he just has weird ways of showing it. Basically, Eisuke isn’t the type of character that will act like the typical sweet boyfriend that we’ve seen in other games, he’s very demanding and rude but will show a sweeter side when you guys are alone together..(but not that sweet, don’t expect too much)

Honestly, I like his character, but not with this MC. I think an MC that was more like the one I described in the beginning would of have brought out a different side of him but that’s just my opinion. That being  said, I kind of wish I didn’t play this route. It was interesting but just the whole vibe between the MC and Eisuke didn’t appeal to me. I’m hoping that the other routes will be more interesting, considering the fact that they’re a bit more mellow with the whole “You belong to me” “I own you” thing. (at least from what I’ve seen).  I think their personalities will mesh a lot better with the MC’s. 

I should say it again, this is just my opinion of the route, MC, and Eisuke. I obviously think differently and have different preferences when it comes to the characters than you do so take this all with a grain of salt. You might just have to play the game yourself if you’re a bit skeptic based on other reviews. Well this ends this weird/long/ random review? haha. Hope you guys got a better insight on his character and the story I guess? Have fun! :D